Tasmanian Sparkling Wine


Pinot Noir & Chardonnay combinations grown on estate in the heart of Coal River Valley Tasmania

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Delicious, baked goods - strawberries and cream notes that leave you feeling like you've just visited the pristine vineyard at Riversdale Estate. No wonder these are our best sellers!

Sparkling Wine Straight from the Ocean?

Yes, you read right! If you are looking for something completely different to the usual sparkling. Try our limited edition Southern Ocean Sparkling that has spent it's time in darkness, naturally riddling in the tides at the bottom of the Coal River. If you are thinking salty wine? Well no - the glass doesn't allow anything to seep through - but - there is a sense of rawness and difference to the usual sparkling chardonnay that your mind wonders too when drinking. It's deliciously different and worth it for a special occasion or for someone you want to surprise with a wine that they never thought could exist.


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