Riversdale Estate is committed to investing in & implementing sustainable practices

Management of the Estate is environmentally responsible. Sustainability is not an end point, but a challenge to embed sustainable principles into the culture of the Estate:

  • Compost is made on site using vintage grape must, chicken manure, hay bales and sawdust
  • 150KW of solar infrastructure supporting electric vineyard equipment, winery heating/cooling & local power usage
  • 500 Merino, Poll Dorset & Border Leicester sheep roam the vineyards from May - September which limits tractor passes by 90%
  • Due to the proximity to Pittwater the entire Estate is frost free meaning no water is wasted during Spring to prevent frosts
  • Prunings are recycled and spread under the vines over a 12-month period
  • Over 250 Domestic fowls, geese, guinea fowl and bobtail quail roam the vineyard, turn soil during foraging, target pests & add manure
  • 90% of the vineyard is herbicide free due to the practice of undervine cultivation
  • Recycled Water usage on paddocks, tree lines & selected vineyard blocks
  • Over 5 h/a of native and introduced plant species increase biodiversity and attract native bird life that feed on insect pests
  • Double Glazed Windows throughout Winery, minimizing the need for artificial lighting throughout the day.