Riversdale Estate

Is located in the basin of the Coal River Valley. Riversdale is the only vineyard to front Pittwater which is a main component of the micro-climate at Riversdale. As a result from being adjacent to Pittwater, at some point in time the property was underwater, causing many differing soil profiles, nutrient deposits & mineral trace elements around the property. Examples of this include seabed rocks & stone discovered 1km from the water at depths of 1-2 metres. Vines were first planted in 1991 making the Estate one of the oldest in the Coal River Valley.

vineyard vineyard


CO-ORDINATES: -42°47'47''S   147°26'47''E

SOIL: Dolerite, Vertosols, Duplex & Sand

ELEVATION: 1 – 26m

ASPECT: North Facing

AREA: 40 hectares

VARIETALS: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Riesling, Pinot Gris, Pinot Meunier, Sauvignon Blanc. 

SELECTED CLONES: Abel, 667, MV6, Moorilla, Penfolds, I10V1, 114, 115, R6v28W. 


Riversdale boasts three indivisible characteristics which highlight the terroir of the Estate and which are uniquely reflected in the wines cultivated.  

 soil  soil

1. Riversdale enjoys different categories of dolerite soil:

Black soil (Black Vertosol)

Neutral brown soil (Brown Dermosols)

Duplex soil (Chromosols) 

North facing and uninterrupted, North facing and uninterrupted,

2. Riversdale is North facing and uninterrupted,

 Resulting in all day sun during the growing seasons. This is a core element of vine growing, without sunlight vines do not flourish, having consistent sunlight during the growing season is integral in the development of a vine’s capacity to produce high quality fruit. By orientating a vineyard based on the trajectory of the sun is a key consideration that can have undeniably the greatest impact.   

Pittwater Pittwater

3. Riversdale is adjacent to Pittwater

Causing a mixture of the subsoils above and provides a natural barrier to frost during Winter and Spring. As a result, the entire vineyard has no frost protection due to the warmth of the water in the early hours of ‘frost ridden’ mornings. Also, during the growing seasons afternoon sea breezes flow from Frederick Henry Bay which allows for optimal airflow. By having a natural buffer against frost, this allows for consistency from year to year without the interruption of frost events which can decimate vineyards. 

Combined, these elements of Riversdale enable the grapes grown to exemplify the purest expressions of Riversdale. These elements enable the white fruit to retain tremendous natural acidity whilst the red fruit becomes bolder and expressive, resulting in red wines that age gracefully. 

Viticulturally, the practices follow sustainable methods of cultivation as the site is reflective in the wines in which are cultivated here. 

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