In 2019, ‘Celestia’ was built onsite to further explore the qualities of Riversdale in the pursuit to find the purest expressions of Riversdale, thus allowing Riversdale wine to be 100% Estate grown & bottled.

Our Winemaker isJasper Marais, a young South-African with a cheeky sense of humour and fierce passion for cool-climate winemaking as he has completed various vintages in differing regions ranging from Tasmania to the Californian Napa Valley. Continuing to be part of our family Jasper & his family live in the Old Homestead at Riversdale.

Jasper continues to explore and find quality in the fruit produced at Riversdale, some trials to further explore the realm outside of quality include the Underwater Sparkling program. 

The Winery was designed around two guiding principles being; Sustainability & Quality

man with glass wine man with glass wine

Winery Sustainability:

- Looped cooling & heating systems

- Harnessing gravity for grape & fruit transportation

- Capturing refrigeration heat to extrapolate 1kw to 3.5kw

- 100% self-produced nitrogen plant

- 110kw of Solar Power

- 100% Stainless steel internals

- Drains capturing & transporting water effectively

- Double-Glazed window inclusion for natural light

couple couple


- Customised tanks in various sizes & designs to suit our fruit & juice

- Utilising gravity to prevent unnecessary & excessive pumping

- State of the art Pellenc equipment including:

1. Vision 2

2. Winery M

3. SP-10

4. SP-3